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The 65 Weirdest, Most Clever Things With Near

Jun 03, 2023

So many life-enhancing products.

Amazon is the ultimate site to buy everything you could ever possibly need, but sometimes you come across products that you don’t necessarily need but that would absolutely bring you joy. Amidst your scrolling, you might stumble on some hidden gems with thousands of reviews, but in case you don’t want to rely on pure luck alone, I’ve done the curating for you.

Here you’ll find everything from a foot peel mask for heels that deserve some extra attention to a cup holder for your couch to make TV life remarkably better. And who’s to say you don’t need an avocado smasher for perfect guac and avo toast? Not the 34,000 shoppers who’ve also added it to their carts.

Scroll on for 65 totally genius finds on Amazon that are so popular, they have near-perfect reviews.

Whether you’ve never cleaned your makeup brushes or you clean them regularly, this makeup brush cleaner will get the job done well. The electric unit cleans and dries brushes in less than a minute. There are eight different rubber collar sizes for all types of brushes.

One shopper raved, “This thing is AMAZING!!!!! So easy to set up , easy to use , super fast and gets a hated job done painlessly lol . 10/10”

This digital meat thermometer takes the temperature of food in just 2 to 3 seconds, with a range of 58 to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. The waterproof thermometer has a large LCD screen, a rotating probe, and a built-in bottle opener, which is honestly a genius move.

Keep the bottom of your oven clean with this two-pack of heavy-duty oven liners. The 17-inch by 25-inch liners are a cost-effective and eco-friendly alternative for aluminum foil and sheets. They’re safe for temperatures up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and come in black, gold, and silver. As one shopper reported, “Work very well for spills in the oven - very easy clean-up!! Also, very simple to cut to size. Love the thickness of these liners!!”

Finally, a food container lid organizer that helps you keep your containers in order. It has five adjustable dividers and a built-in handles that make it easy to grab from any shelf. The organizer comes in several different sizes, so you can choose the one that best fits your food containers and storage space.

Pop this auto trash can in your car for a place to throw away your kids’ constant snack wrappers and probably yours, too — let’s be real. It can hold up to 2 gallons of trash and it comes with 20 trash bags and a click-on strap to help keep it secure while the car is in motion. Plus, it doubles as a cooler for the ultimate car accessory.

It may not seem like it can make a big difference in the kitchen, but this roll up dish rack adds efficiency to your everyday dishwashing experience. Anti-slip strips on the bottom ensure that the rack stays in place — even with a weight capacity of 70 pounds —and it fits over almost any sink, since it’s offered in three sizes. When it’s not being used, it easily rolls up and can be tucked away, so your counters remain uncluttered.

If you want to brush your kids’ hair (and your own) without all the tears, try this detangling hairbrush that has over 52,000 five-star ratings. Designed for natural, curly, straight, wet, or dry hair, the brush gets the knots and tangles out by gently separating the hair instead of ripping through it. It comes in several color options, too.

Thanks to this adjustable box organizer, your foil, plastic wrap, and Ziploc bags can actually stay organized. It can hold up to 20 pounds and is ideal for bringing order to your cabinet or pantry storage. The organizer comes in original, large, extra-large, or as a wrap-stand caddy.


Use this multi-surface pet hair remover on furniture, bedding, clothes, carpet, and anywhere else you constantly find your pet’s hair. Unlike other lint rollers, this one doesn’t use adhesive tape that needs to be replaced; it can be used over and over again and cleaned by emptying out the pet hair.

These LED under-cabinet lights are, of course, great for adding light underneath cabinets, but they also work great in closets, on stairs, or even inside the trunk of your car. Mounting tape and screws are included, as is a remote control that allows you to turn the lights on and off, adjust brightness, and set a timer. One shopper raved, “These lights have changed the way I feel about my kitchen and life and bedroom closet on a fundamental level.”

Give your water bottles a place to live with this shelf organizer that boasts more than 13,000 positive reviews and assembles in minutes. Adjustable shelves let you store a variety of bottle types and sizes. (If you do end up using it for larger bottles, you just won’t be able to fit as many.) The organizer can be configured with two shelves or three shelves and is offered in both regular and wide options.


Use this neck reading light to comfortably read your book at night without disturbing your partner and without having to get up to turn off a lamp or overhead light when you’re done. Featuring two lights that can be adjusted to the brightness and color of your choice, it’s charged via USB-C with a battery the lasts up to 80 hours.


This cult-fave Korean vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serum is best known for smoothing lines and brightening your overall complexion. Plant-based ingredients also include ferulic acid, vitamin E, citrus stem cells, and organic aloe, and fans of the serum rave that it absorbs quickly and comes with a pleasant citrus scent.

Make your life easier by using these airtight food storage containers to organize your cereal, pasta, beans, nuts, and more. The BPA-free plastic containers have lock lids to keep food fresh. This seven-pack comes with a variety of different sizes and a few color options, too.

This travel jewelry box elegantly keeps your bracelets, earrings, and rings from tangling or getting damaged or lost while in transit. The antique-inspired, velvet-lined box has three compartments and rolls to close with a snap button. The small, faux-leather box easily fits inside a handbag, backpack, or suitcase, and comes in six colors.

If you don’t have a side table next to your couch, this cup holder tray let’ you place a drink, snack, your phone, or remote control easily within arm’s reach. It slides over an armrest and helps prevent spills thanks to its secure metal-hardware construction. The silicone tray comes in four colors — green, black, navy, and white — all with a pretty gold trim around the cup holder.

This battery-operated fan provides some extra air flow for your kiddo as they ride in their stroller — or you can use it wrapped around your Peloton, positioned on your desk, or used as a handheld fan. It features flexible tripod legs that can easily clip anywhere. The rechargeable battery can last to 10 hours, but you might want to bring a power bank along for longer day trips

Don’t let the last of the peanut butter or jelly go to waste at the bottom of the jar — instead use one of these slim spatulas to scrape our the rest. The BPA-free silicone spatulas come in a set of four in various sizes for all your condiment needs. One shopper noted, “As of this writing, mayo is $8 a jar. I'm not leaving a single molecule behind. These pay for themselves pretty quickly through the money they save and how satisfying they are to use.”

These clean and dirty signs can stick to any dishwasher and solve the age-old problem of having to shout, “Is the dishwasher clean or dirty?” They come with a magnetic sticker in case your dishwasher isn’t magnetic-receptive, and they’re waterproof, peel-proof, durable, and backed by more than 1,800 perfect Amazon ratings.

These stainless steel mixing bowls are stackable, which is great for saving cabinet space. All five mixing bowls come with airtight lids to keep food fresh and the versatile range of sizes means you can food prep everything you need for the week. They’re odor-resistant and extremely durable, too.


The Coffee Gator Cold Brew Maker can brew 47 ounces of iced coffee or tea. The coffee maker kit comes with a sturdy Borosilicate glass carafe, an ultra-fine mesh filter, and even a scoop for your grounds. All you need to add is your preferred grind and cold water.

Make perfectly round eggs for sandwiches and perfectly shaped pancakes using this griddle ring set. The nonstick set of rings comes with a 4-inch, 6-inch, and 8-inch rings for making restaurant-quality sunny-side up eggs, omelets, hot cakes, and more.

Cover the gap between the stove and the countertop with this two-pack of stove gap covers. Made of high quality, food-grade, silicone, these covers conform to any surface to keep food, crumbs, and gunk from falling through the crack. Choose from 21-inch, 25-inch, or 30-inch covers in black, clear, or white.

Get ready to have your mind blown (and your feet super soft) with this pack of four foot peel masks. Made from fruit acids and extracts, all you have to do is leave it on for an hour, and the foot exfoliation works its magic. After several days, you get smooth, healed skin. Choose from nine soothing scents, like lavender and peach.

One shopper raved, “This is not your average foot care product — it's a game-changer for those suffering from dry, cracked feet, calluses, and stubborn dead skin.”

This mini microwave steamer is a convenient way to steam fresh or frozen vegetables. It has a 2-cup capacity and works well for kid-size servings — although it definitely can hold enough veggies for adult appetites as well. As a bonus, the dishwasher-safe steamer has a basket that can double as a colander.

Use this can organizer mat to stack your cans in a space-saving (and aesthetically pleasing) pyramid without worrying about them toppling over in the fridge or pantry. The grippy rubber mat can store up to 10 beer bottles, 10 soft drink cans, or up to five wine bottles. Choose from a one- or two-pack and three versatile colors.

If you want to cut back on single-use plastics, a great place to start is with this reusable mesh produce bags. They come in a set of 15, in sizes small, medium, and large, for different types of produce. The bags are washable and have a drawstring closure to keep everything inside.

This set of five food storage containers, with airtight lids, is completely stackable — even the lids can be stacked with their containers. The lids are lockable and color coded so they’re easy to match with the corresponding container.

Designed to preserve delicate clothes, these durable, honeycomb mesh laundry bags allow your clothes to get fully washed in the machine and evenly dried in the dryer. The three included medium-sized bags are perfect for washing bras, panties, scarves, and even gloves.

These drawer organizers will turn your unruly top drawer into one where you can actually find what you’re looking for. Four bins are included in this set to bring order to all your go-to undergarments, from everyday underwear and bras, to fancy lingerie, and all those socks.

Not only will this minimalist cable management box keep your cables organized and out of reach of kids and pets, it’ll look good doing it. The box can effectively hold a power strip under 12 inches and has slots for the cords to run out the sides so the wooden lid can remain closed.

You don’t need a reason to use this hair scalp massager other than just wanting to feel good. This silicone brush can, however, help increase blood flow to your scalp and has even increased hair thickness for some users. It can be used in the shower and on wet hair or dry hair.

One shopper noted, “I didn't know how much I needed a good scalp massage until I used this. Head felt lighter right away. I noticed that my scalp felt energized again(blood flow/circulation) working right away. Noticed my dull dry hair start to get soft and body. Less frizz.”

With a 4.8-star rating after more than 14,000 reviews, it’s clear Bentgo’s reusable ice packs are perfect for keeping kid lunches cool. They’re also super cute, fun, and easy to clean. They come in 10 designs, so you’re sure to find something your kid will be excited about. Sold as a four-pack, each ice pack is lightweight and slim to not make a lunch box any bulkier or than it already is.

Available as a four- or eight-pack, these best-selling rug corner grippers flatten curled rug corners like a charm. The gel on the bottom of the V-shaped gripper sticks to the floor to keep the rug in place, but the EVA foam tab means you can still easily lift the rug when you need reposition.

Made of sturdy silicone, this Snap N’ Strain pot strainer is a kitchen gadget you may not have known existed, but are probably pretty happy it does. It has a universal fit, so it can securely snap onto pots and pans of all sizes. Simply attach it to your a pot and dump out water while keeping the food secure inside. It’s dishwasher-safe and easily stores in drawer.

One shopper gushed, “I love not having to dirty a hard to clean strainer when I can just snapped this on a pan! Gamechanger!”

If you feel like you don’t ever have a place to store the lids to your pots and pans, this pot lid organizer is the way to go. It includes seven adjustable dividers that keep lids — even ones with large handles — upright and separated, allowing you to quickly see and grab what you need.

Keep your fingers intact when washing knives with this cutlery cleaner brush. The U-shaped design of this nifty gadget allows you to safely clean knives of all sharpness levels, as well as other cutlery. The brush is grippy on the outside for an easy hold and easily hangs on the side of your drying rack of sink basin.

While you might not be able to completely ditch the paper towels, this 10-pack of reusable Swedish dish cloths will absolutely help you use less of them. The absorbent, machine-washable dish cloths are great at picking up messes when they’re wet and just as good at scouring when they’re dry. Plus, one dishcloth can be used upwards of 100 times, essentially the equivalent of 15 paper towel rolls.

Whether you use this spray bottle as a cool-down mister, to water your plants, or for all-purpose cleaning, it delivers a continuous ultra-fine mist that beats any regular spray bottle. It provides subtle spray from any angle, which fans say is especially ideal if you’re using as a curly-hair tamer.


If you enjoy a little flavor in your water or need a little encouragement to drink water, try this fruit-infuser water bottle. The Tritan plastic bottle comes with an infuser inside that can be filled with fresh lemons, cucumber, grapefruit, watermelon, strawberries, or whatever fruit or herb you prefer. It has a flip-top lid and a nonslip grip; plus, it fits it most car cup holders for hydration on the go.

One shopper noted, “I’m not a fan of water, but this fruit infuser actually makes it enjoyable.”

This vegetable chopper is a kitchen tool that’ll make dinner prep go a lot smoother, eliminating the need for a knife and cutting board. It comes with eight blades in various sizes for thin or thick slicing, dicing, shredding, grinding, and chopping. The fruits and veggies that you slice will land in a container with a built-in lid for storage, making things even easier.

I use these silicone baking cups with my kids on a daily basis. Not only does this pack of 12 take the place of disposable cupcake liners when baking (which, admittedly, I don’t do as often as my kids would like), they can be used as small snack time bowls for crackers, fruit, trail mix, and more. They’re nonstick and easy to clean, too.

Instead of paying to get a manicure whenever your cuticles need tending to, try this quick-absorbing Japanese cuticle serum. It’s packed full of organic ingredients that won’t cause your fingers to be oily, so you can throw this in your purse and use it whenever it’s needed. Plus, shoppers report that their nails looked “happier and healthier than ever” and that “nails have improved substantially.”

While these two cabinet organizer shelves will work well in a pantry or cabinet, they’re so charming, you’ll probably want to display them along with whatever you’ll be placing on top. Each wooden shelf can hold up to 33 pounds, and they’re offered in four finishes to blend in with your decor.

This salad chopper might look like a kitchen tool you don’t need, but once you try it, you’re never going to want to go back to chopping with a regular knife, especially if you’re a salad lover. Two blades work together to quickly chop with a wide enough space in the middle so food doesn’t get stuck.

One shopper noted, “I love chopped salads but I don’t like how high the prices can be when buying them out. With this tool I make my own and it’s just like having a salad from my fave salad place only much much cheaper!!”

It’s impossible not to appreciate how much easier it is to throw something in the oven when using these reusable silicone baking sheets. The non-stick sheets eliminate the need for cooking sprays or butter, and they’re easy to wash by simply placing them in the dishwasher or washing by hand. You get two half-sheets and two quarter-sheets in this pack, but other sizes are available within the listing.

Use this wildly popular meat and potato masher to break up ground meat, mash cooked foods, stir sauces, and more. The BPA-free nylon masher is heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so it’s safe for mashing up hot foods straight out of the oven or pan.

Avoid excess spaghetti leftovers by using this spaghetti measurer tool that features four measuring holes. The holes range from one to four portions, so you know exactly how much pasta to cook for your family or just for yourself.

The guac isn’t extra when you use this avocado smash tool. Four silicone blades help you smash avocado for all your favorite avo creations, and the squeegee-style blade makes it easy to scrape the sides of a bowl so no avocado is left behind. Plus, it’s versatile — use it to mash eggs for egg salad, potatoes for mashed spuds, ground beef for taco night, and more.

Using this exfoliating brush on wet or dry skin is a game-changer when it comes to achieving soft, smooth skin. Made of silicone, the bristles are both firm and gentle, making them a great skin exfoliator, too. Shoppers rave about its ability to do everything from remove dead skin to reduce ingrown hairs.

To prevent burns, check out these silicone oven mitts. The silicone part of the mitt is completely waterproof, offering protection up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, and the extra-long design protects the wrists and forearms from getting burned. The mitts are available in 12 color options, and they’re even machine-washable.

Add kernels, butter, and salt to this microwave popcorn popper before placing it in the microwave. Some perks: It can hold up to 15 cups of popcorn, it won’t break if dropped, it’s collapsible for easy storage, and the heat-resistant silicone won’t burn you when it’s fresh from the microwave. Not surprisingly, it’s earned a 4.6-star rating after 28,000 reviews.

These refrigerator organizer bins allow you to see all the food and beverages in your fridge or pantry without having to move things around. The transparent bins have a handle for easy access for refilling, too. They aren’t dishwasher-safe but can be washed with soap and water by hand. You can buy these bins in a variety of pack sizes, so all your fridge and pantry needs are covered.

Boasting 79,000 five-star ratings, this vitamin C serum is proving that quality skincare doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. It’s formulated with vitamin C, of course, but there’s also vitamin E and hyaluronic acid. The gentle ingredients work to smooth and soften skin, and fans rave about the brightening effect. One fan lamented, “Wish they made gallon sizes.”

When you buy this premium makeup brush set, you won’t just get 14 brushes for all types of application — for shaping brows to applying concealer and everything in between — you’ll also get a makeup brush cleaning solution that gently cleans your brushes without damaging them. An instruction sheet is included for beginners, because makeup brushes can be confusing.

Gain full access to your spices, condiments, or bathroom toiletries and medications with this two-tier lazy Susan. Made from brushed stainless steel, the 360-degree rotating turntable has a raised rim to prevent items from flying off.

You know good ice when you see it, and that’s exactly what you get with this four-pack of mini ice cube trays. Not only do these plastic trays make perfectly small and round ice cubes, you’ll also get a container and a scoop for storage and serving.

If you’re in need of new cooking tools, this kitchen spatula set has it all. The set comes with non-stick tongs, whisks, and spatulas — all made of silicone. Choose from a variety of colors in a set of three, nine, 11 or 13.

One shopper reported, “Wish I bought these a long time ago. Awesome to use for serving and grilling. Love the lock feature.”

It may seem like your hair will get tangled in these spiral hair ties, but they actually tangle less than regular hair ties. Not only that, they also help reduce headaches from having your hair up. Pro tip: If the hair tie stretches out, wet it and blow dry it back into shape.

It may be a novelty item, but this adorable Post-It note dispenser is also an efficient way to have your Post-Its ready to go when you need to jot something down. Not to mention, it’ll likely bring you a little joy every time you see it.

This hanging purse organizer is a fantastic way to store your small to medium purses and bags so they don’t get misshaped and you can actually find them when you need them. The rotating swivel hook makes it easy to spin and locate the tote you want (better than that pile on the floor). It comes in four color options and has eight total slots.

These resurfacing pads are made with 20% pure glycolic acid, to help reduce scars, bumps, and fine lines. They also contain nourishing and brightening vitamins B5, C, and E, which help moisturize skin while the glycolic acid provides gentle exfoliation.

This knife sharpener manually revives knives, providing sharpness to edges that have been dulled over time. No more buying new knives or sending yours out for sharpening. It’s the little kitchen gadget you’ll want to recommend to everyone.

One shopper reported, “My friend brought hers over and I couldn't believe how sharp my knifes were. I usually send mine out to be sharpened but not anymore. I bought six more for Christmas gifts.”

This adjustable running belt can hold your valuables and other essentials so you can focus on your run or hike hands-free. The water-resistant belt features a reflective logo on the strap to keep you visible. It only weighs 3.3 ounces, so even with your phone and a couple of other small items, you’ll barely feel it. It’s available in six colors.


The beaker design on this wine glass not only allows for precise pours, it also lets you channel your inner chemist. The handcrafted glass is strong and durable, and fans rave about how ‘gift-able’ it is. One shopper, who purchased it as a gift for his significant other, reported,“This is now her go-to glass for wine and the shape of the glass makes it easier to clean [...] It also makes it easier to figure out which glass is hers if we have some friends over.”

If you’re looking for affordable items specifically for the home, check out 50 Clever Things Under $35 That Immediately Make Your Home So Much Nicer.

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