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Science your kids will love on TikTok

Jul 07, 2023

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CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Parents and grandparents this segment is for you if you have children who are bored at home. On Tuesday's show, science teacher, Nancy Bullard a.k.a. shared 3 easy, fun science projects designed to engage and inspire your kiddow.

The TikTok STEM feed launched in March as a dedicated space to explore a wide range of inspiring, entertaining, and enriching videos related to science, technology, engineering, and math as taken over the digital space. The feed is now available to the entire TikTok community, 150 million strong, in the US. Nancy Bullard aka is a Charlotte-based CMS science teacher at Huntingtowne Farm Elementary, she's also a TikTok creator who launched her TikTok account as a way to engage her students during the pandemic. She has since developed a community of over 3M followers around the world who are eager and excited to learn about science. The 3 projects she share with us are easy to do and your kids will learn some value information about weight, density, electrons, protons and static electricity.

Project 1: The Lava Lamp

Lava lamp is made using oil, water, and Alka seltzer. Pour water into a bottle now pour oil into the bottle mixed with food coloring or dye.

“The denser liquid will settle at the bottom of the bottle” says Mrs. B. Now drop a couple of Alka-Seltzer tablets into the bottle and watch the bubbles of dye rise to the top of the bottle then burst and return to the bottom of the bottle.

Project 2: Crayon Leaf Transfer

Leaf rubbings is made with leaves and crayons. Grab any leaf and plain white printer paper and pick out some leaves from your yard. Place the leaf on a hard surface and place the paper over the top of the leaf. Take your crayon and rub out vigorously with the crayon on top of the paper. The image of the leaf will being to appear. You can add leaves or turn the position of the leaf and add a different or the same color. Your kids will notice the veins of the leaf are there to carry water and nutrients to the entire leaf.

Project 3: Magic Bubbles "Magic Bubbles" is made with dish soap, water, and a balloon. Put soap dish water into a container. Grab a straw, mix and submerge straw into container and take out straw and blow on the other end of the straw. A magic bubble should appear. Keep blowing to enlarge the bubble. Take the straw and reintroduce it into the container and repeat process. Take out straw and re-insert it into the bubble and blow another bubble within in a bubble. The fun is not over, take a balloon, rub it on your clothes or your hair to create negatively charge electrons (static electricity) and now take the balloon and put it close to the bubble. Now watch the positive charge proton in the bubble move towards the negatively charged electrons in the balloon. Your kids will learn about static electricity and that opposites attract and in this case the bubble will move towards the balloon.

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Project 1: The Lava LampProject 2: Crayon Leaf TransferProject 3: Magic Bubbles