Walmart Released A Huge Selection Of Dolly Parton
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Walmart Released A Huge Selection Of Dolly Parton

Jun 16, 2023

This is the best excuse ever to throw a party.

Who loves Dolly Parton and parties? This one goes out to you. Walmart, which has recently shocked us with their suddenly cute and affordable clothing, is once again bringing us life with a huge selection of Dolly Parton party supplies, and they are so cute and fun.

I was tipped off to this by TikToker Kayla Serota, who posted about the items (with “9 to 5” playing in the background of course) and quickly went viral, with over a million views.

“RUN TO WALMART! The cutest Dolly Parton party supplies and home decor,” she wrote in her caption.

And she’s right. By my count, there are about four dozen new Dolly items on Walmart’s website, and a ton of them are so cute that I’m trying to think of an excuse to party.

First up, we have to talk about the balloon arch and “What Would Dolly Do?” balloon banner — both of which would be a great centerpiece for a celebration — and both of which come at prices that any country girl would appreciate.

Grab this Dolly Parton Pink Party Balloon Arch to step up the party decorations at your next celebration. The balloon arch kit includes 1 Dolly Parton-shaped balloon measuring 24" x 19," 3 confetti balloons with tassels that measure 18," and 39 balloons in mixed pink colors and various sizes, straw to use for inflation, and a 16’ arch strip for hanging. Guests will love to take photos in front of this unique decor at your party. Pair with other Dolly Parton party supplies and decorations to complete the look.

The collection also includes smaller sparkling pink fringe banners, Dolly-themed reusable vinyl stickers, and a bright pink sash that says “Backwoods Barbie” in case you’re celebrating a special birthday person or bachelorette.

Grab this Dolly "What Would Dolly Do?" Balloon Banner to step up the party decorations at your next celebration. Measuring 12" tall each word can be inflated with a straw that comes in the package and hung with white curling ribbon and a 16' arch strip that's included. Guests will love to take photos in front of this unique decor at your party. Featuring bright pink iridescent foil, this balloon banner is sure to elevate any room and help create a memorable party.

And no party is complete without a themed piñata; this collection includes a purple cowgirl hat version with a silver band and star.

This cowgirl hat-shaped pinata is hot pink and features an iridescent foil star and band. Have guests try to break into the pinata for some fun action at your next get-together. This pinata measures 6" x 7.5" and can be hung for guests to attempt to bust open.

As far as flat wear and table decorations go, there’s a ton. You can choose between three different paper plate designs: a disco ball wearing a cowgirl hat, a “What would Dolly Do?” plate, and a square plate with a guitar and flower motif.

You can pair these with napkins that say, “Y’all need Dolly,” silver cowboy hat napkins, an iridescent “What Would Dolly Do?” tablecloth, and Dolly Parton-themed wooden cutlery.

For drinks, you can buy a Dolly Parton pink tumbler, a disco ball tumbler, a fun straw and coaster set, and a fun happy hour kit.

Each package includes 8 square dinner plates boasting a unique design. The border is hot pink cheetah print and the background is light pink checkered print with a garden of music design including pink, white, and yellow flowers with guitars and butterflies. These unique dinner plates have silver foil to stand out at your party and impress guests.

It also covers other party accessories, like two cute plastic platters for snacks or cupcakes, a dessert kit that comes with themed cups and spoons, and a pair of novelty party glasses that have cowgirl hats right on the lenses.

Serve your guests in style with this Dolly 14" Round Multi-color Dolly Parton Melamine Serving Tray. Each package includes one serving tray in bright colors including pink, yellow, and blue. The center design is Dolly Parton's iconic picture with her famous signature. This fun tray is perfect for adding a pop of color and presenting party foods in a pretty way. This melamine tray will delight all Dolly Parton fans and elevate decor at your party at the same time. Pair with other Dolly Parton supplies and decorations to complete the look.

These would be so cute for a kid birthday, adult birthday, or baby shower — sometimes the decoration idea comes before the party idea.

See everything in the Dolly Parton party collection here.

Sarah Aswell