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Discover Kelly Wearstler Serax tableware collection

Jul 03, 2023

Kelly Wearstler and Serax launch two tableware collections that encapsulate the American designer’s bold approach with everyday simplicity

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Kelly Wearstler has launched two new collections with Belgian design brand Serax, encapsulating the American designer's eclectic spirit with an everyday approach. The launch comprises two distinct families that include tableware, glassware, serve ware and cutlery in neutral tones, imagined to be combined to create rich compositions.

The Zuma collection includes a full set of tableware, with plates ranging from extra small to large and including bowls and serving options, cups, mugs and glasses, as well as a cake stand. A digital grid printed on the tableware nods to traditional craft techniques while connecting with Wearstler's current futuristic explorations, with the pattern featuring as a blown-up motif or smaller grid (or just a line) depending on the piece.

Furthermore, the colour palette of Pacific black, salt white and Sienna brown lends itself to an array of different compositions, with the designs encouraging a mix-and-match approach.

The Dune collection, meanwhile, is inspired by ancient Greek pottery and is defined by a series tactile porcelain pieces in a trio of hues including alabaster, slate or clay.

Additional pieces include wooden serving boards (with tiered, tray-like and asymmetrical options) and cutlery whose stems feature asymmetrical designs. The same ridged motif found on the porcelain is replicated on the glassware, and the launch's practical approach to the kitchen is topped off with a series of knives (paring, chef, steak) with wooden handles.

Demonstrating Wearstler's ability to infuse everyday objects with a sophisticated panache and her unique approach to living, the Dune and Zuma collections embody an everyday simplicity while bringing together a table setting. They comprise a series of future classics that will invite many compositions and interpretations.

Receive our daily digest of inspiration, escapism and design stories from around the world direct to your inbox

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