IAN: Thursday 8/31/2023 Paper Tubes/Straws
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IAN: Thursday 8/31/2023 Paper Tubes/Straws

Jan 26, 2024

I watch a person, who I believe to be a young man, on YouTube who rolls paper from magazines and flyers into paper tubes, which I call straws, and makes fun things out of them. I have watched a lot of his work and decided to try it. The tale is below.

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Watching him, it seems easy to roll the paper. He uses a dowel and just starts at one edge and rolls straight up. He uses white glue, looks like Elmer’s School glue to connect these straws into cool houses and organizers and the like. Well, yes, but...I could not get the edge to roll under the dowel to start the rolling process. I could not fold it and get going, nor tuck it. It was very depressing to keep trying to do something I was convinced would be easy but was not. He also sometimes rolls from the corner, which gives a longer straw but it has those twists on it, and they show through the paint. I ended up doing that though so I could get on with the process. This is what I made.

It is not as well done as I would have liked, but I had decided to keep it to begin with. There is a learning curve here. Here is a link to a quick video where he makes this house. Open it in a new tab. (He does not roll any tubes in this one.)


The problem of rolling the straws made me decide to buy biodegradable paper straws to go on with the designs I want to do. The straws arrived on Monday and Tuesday I started using them.

I have not completed any more of these crafts because they actually take a lot of time. So I will update later when I have some to show.

I hope every one made it through the storm and have a good day.